Alternate Returning Castaways are past contestants who were considered to return for a subsequent season, but either were not chosen or declined the offer.

Survivor: All-StarsEdit

Contestant Status Additional Notes
S5Ben Ben Harrington
Declined Due to his decision to leave the ORG community, Ben declined as a result.
Large 1137791 Brian Long
Declined Brian was set to be in the final cast, but he dropped out due to camp activities. It later surfaced that he would have been cut anyways, as punishment for his interference in Ghana.
Kacey Joulee Azaries
Cut With Nick declining at the last minute, Kacey quit the hosting team to participate instead. However, multiple controversies erupted, including Jo leaking the cast, her health issues, the revelation that Nick wasn't serious, the fear that Jo knew too much and her friendship with Perry. Due to this, it was decided that she needed to be cut.
S5Nuno Nuno Manao
Considered With James receiving a massively negative response at the cast leak, Isaac pushed for Nuno to be his replacement. This decision didn't fall through.
Eddie Eddie Marshall
Considered Alfons strongly pushed for Eddie to be cast, but he wasn't asked due to his controversial remarks and somewhat inactive gameplay.
Henzzy Henry Smith
Considered Still believing Nick's trolling, Isaac instead pushed for Henry to play in order to avoid the controversial idea of Jo playing. This proved to be futile, with the other hosts stacked against him.
S2Justin Justin Gaghblarbla
Considered Justin was suggested by Ahad, but did not make the final cast.
S2Caleb Caleb Loki
Considered Caleb's name was thrown around on occasion.
S2Paul Paul Carby
Considered Paul was the first to be asked in the case of anyone dropping out.
S2Duy Duy Tung
Considered Like Caleb, his name was only thrown around.
S3Zurvivor Zurvivor
Considered Zurvivor was one of two possible alternates for Uruguay.
S3Jake Jake Riederich
Considered Jake was initially going to be in place of Kevin, but he was not chosen due to the opposition of the new hosts. A deal was given though, that if Wojtek did not appear within twenty four hours of cast release, Jake would replace him.
Adam P Adam Cahoon
Considered Adam was one of only two alternates for Persia.
Mikey P Mikey Van Riper
Considered Kacey suggested Michael as she "hated everyone else", but he was immediately turned down due to the amount of self votes he had.
S5Alexjason Angeleo Mark Ruetas
Considered Alfons pushed for Alexjason because he was "entertainingly funny", but he was turned down due to his somewhat sheepish gameplay.
S5Marco Marco Eperson
Considered Joulee strongly pushed for Marco to play due to her beliefs that she played a great game, but Aston and Isaac were immediately skeptical of Marco's relation to Perry, Joulee's best friend, along with the fact that she went pre-merge. As a result, she wasn't asked.
S5LP Luke Polanczyk
Considered While Nuno's name was thrown up as a possible replacement for James, Luke's name was also considered. However, he was cut for his numerous rants.
S6Evan Evan Kauboi
Considered Evan was initially one of Aston's top picks to play All Stars, but decided against it after he received no votes at FTC.
S6Jessy Jessy Perkins
Considered Isaac suggested Jessy after reading Rites of Passages about her, but was shot down immediately by Aston.


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