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    This isn't happening, dudes.
    05:28, January 9, 2017

    The moment you've waited 2 years for...

    The RPG Wiki...

    Is back!

    Here's the application for our 10th season, Survivor: Japan.

    Name (First and Last)/Age/Gender

    3 Words to Describe Yourself

    Survivor contestant you are most like

    Why do you want to play Survivor?

    Mangatar (From

    There will be 18 players this season. 16 are new, but two spots...

    Will be saved for returning players from the past.

    Once I have my eighteen, then we'll start.

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    • Max Cirillo/21/Male

      Adaptable, Trustworthy & Logical

      Yul Kwon: He built strong alliances and always thought logically. Just like Yul I am a trustworthy person who looks out for his alliance members but I will keep my options open. And throughout it all I will use my logical reasoning skizills to navigate this game.

      I have been a fan of Survivor longer than I can remeber and have enjoyed reading the previous seasons on here. I'm applying for the actual game of Survivor and I figure that this is the most realistic version out there. 

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    • It's not your org. Please stick to 512 and it's raggedy atmosphere.

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    • This hasn't been anyone's ORG for 2 years. I decided to revive it. You can join if you like, Jaylen.

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    • Scott Yongchai/19/Male


      Woo Hwang - The two of us play very similar games based on loyalty and challenge strength

      I'm a good physical and strategical player and I want to see if I have what it takes to win. Mangatar:

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    • This isn't your ORG, dude. Aston left it to me, and I say it's still very, very dead. 

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