Hello Jury,

I wanted to say thank you to everyone for letting me play with you. The nice thing about this game was the country tribes. It gave a different spin to an old game which made things exciting.

I will give you my story of how this game unfolded and how Tyler and I ended up in the Final 2. Right off the bat, the hard part is being as loyal got me into trouble with a few of you the jury members. I do understand your upset and distain with myself. The difference is I voted with majority every time and at least contacted you after the vote to apologize and stand up for my standards. A few of you I warned about your end before the vote in hopes you could pull an idol out.

It was a great reveal of cast to learn Jennifer, Mohammed and Tyler from Sardinia were in this game and would that work as an alliance. However, 4 man tribes were formed and knowing I had a solid trust with Jenn and Tyler gave me some hope. Tyler and I were on the first tribe and were together throughout the game. We mainly controlled are mini tribe with pitting Auss and Diego vs each other. We mainly sailed from that point to the first tribe swap. I spoke to Mohammed and asked him if the Asians would work with the North Americans. I told him clearly this was an alliance to protect us with the impending tribe swap coming. I never agreed to any long term alliance and Mohammed knew this, knowing his honesty – Mohammed will admit this is correct. I did speak to Tyler and he wanted that alliance as well. He did clearly state he wanted the Asians to not stick around long as they were immunity threats. It was an alliance to protect everyone all 6 of us (two tribes of 3). Once the swap did happen, Renz and Auss ended up on the wrong side. Renz was targeted on the other side and played his idol to send Auss home. I had an agreement with Renz to work together and share information. I never went back on that word. David went first and was a victim of Jenn not coming clean she was aligned with him. If she told me David was with her – I would have considered a new plan. She did not. Jenn and Tyler wanted Renz gone – worried about the idol we took out Raka. Then Renz went home due to a clear reward/immunity threat. I had to go with the majority and warned Renz he would be going home. Hoping he would play an idol. At first I decided to work with Jenn to the final and warned her the vote was coming on her. She was going to play idol. Then we would send Alf home. Due to Jenn not trusting me at that point (asking me to see screenshots and not take my word). All I could do was wait and see what Alf, Wes, Tyler were voting. Then Tyler suggested we just vote Rick as the safe vote for all. Rick was a clear vote decision by Tyler. I told Jenn to pull her idol back and she did. That way I continued to protect her.

Mohammed was next on the block as decided by Tyler, Alf and Wes. I could have voted with Jenn and Mohammed against Alf he had immunity and suggested we take out Wes since Tyler told me a long time ago Wes was just along for the ride and would be dumped at four. I figured what would be the big deal. However, when I told Tyler I wanted Wes out and give Jenn and Mohammed another round – this was giving Tyler a concern he would be in minority with Alf. He then told me Alf was 100% percent behind us – I continued to battle him and want Wes gone. Mohammed knew this as I spoke with him as I did advise Jenn too. However, Tyler laid his heart and trust in me telling me of a real world event involving Alf and I knew I could never break them apart. If I did not vote Mohammed and then let Jenn go – I would be gone since they had Wes in their back pocket. I from that point on realized I lost Jenn’s jury vote. I never knew she valued our friendship and trusted me that much until she was gone and ranted in tribe chat. By her always not trusting me made me feel she never did value our friendship – I guess I was wrong.

I again tried to figure out a way to get Jenn past Wes and again they had the power and I voted Wes on the Jenn elimination. Then Wes went as predicted and planned by Tyler and Alf. Then Tyler wanting his biggest ally and jury threat Alf was eliminated. Tyler wants to bring me to the final given the Jenn vote and hostility by her will ruin my chance at FTC.

I had two loyal alliance members in this game from day 1. They were both from Sardinia. I value them both and only found out how true our friendship was to one of you too late, when they were voted out. The other is Tyler and he is the person sitting next to me. He displayed loyalty and never planned to get me out. I think he would stand up for me when I indicate to the other person I wanted to go with to Final 2 – I fought to keep you in this game as long as I could.

Again, it was not until just after merge, I found out something real world that bled into this game. I knew I was screwed in making Final 2 with the other jury member and stuck with Tyler to the end. I was going to blindside Alf and put pressure on Tyler to work with me. However, this real world realization prevented that. Ever since Sardinia I wanted to get to the finals, I lost out in Bali and Germany because I could not land a solid footing. I did not want that to happen here in Comros. I stuck with one of my core alliances and in the end that led me to this final.

A couple of times as mentioned I would have blindsided and worked a different route. The other members I approached would not give me full confidence in their word. These are decisions you have to make on gut feelings and my gut told me otherwise. Tyler was the only person who never went against the pact. Every decision we made was together.

I was torn this whole game. I play these games with feeling and emotion. I am not afraid to be vulnerable and I find this is one of the most unique experiences (playing in these survivors) to be a part of. Despite you being on another tribe, voted off, friend or foe…. I try to get to know you a little and care about your lives in this very big world.

Where do we go from here. I ask for your vote today to become Comros Sole Survivor and hope the questions you ask, as brutal or mean as they can be – will be asked. I am ready to speak on my behalf and give you an insight you may not know. All I ask is to keep an open mind and remember, it is just a game. Many people get friendship labels attached to these games. I never knew some people did value me as a friend and player. I am sorry if I caused anyone on the jury upset and I cannot say anything, but words and an emoticon to say I am sorry.

Thank you for your consideration for voting for me. I understand as well if I do not win – I respect your decision and hope we can play in future games together and erase past votes/survivors in the future.


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